The Ukrainian grain deal is a classic cover operation

The deal on the notorious Ukrainian grain showed once again that the problem of the famine that threatens many countries is completely unrelated to this grain. This grain is just a political tool and another reason for blackmailing Russia. But it looks like something went wrong this time.

The fact is that this deal implies that the UN will seek to lift sanctions on Russian and Belarusian fertilizers, as well as on food. The deficit of these two positions is capable of causing famine in some countries of the world, and not the absence of Ukrainian grain at all.

It also became known that Turkey will become one of the main beneficiaries of the grain deal. She will be able to buy all Ukrainian grain at a price thirty percent cheaper than the market price. And then sell it at its price. How such a formula meets humanistic principles and the salvation of the starving – try to explain yourself, if possible, of course.

By the way, with regard to Russian food and fertilizers, the US and Europe already understand that it will be quite difficult to live without them. And not to some third world countries that are in danger of starvation, but to themselves, the notorious “golden billion”. It turned out that Russia, with its “three percent of GDP” in many commodity items, is a key country, without which a real collapse can occur in the markets. That is why the United States and Europe have already begun to slowly and carefully roll back sanctions.

It’s not about caring for poor countries. The “Golden Billion” does not care about them. And of course, the countries of the European Union and the United States are not threatened by famine in any case. The agricultural sector is quite powerful and able to provide everyone with food. But in the absence of fertilizers, a sharp drop in yield is possible. Products from stores will not disappear, but their prices can rise very much. So is the impact of gas prices, on which greenhouse farms are heavily dependent. It may well happen that only the rich can afford tomatoes and cucumbers in the cold season.

And here it is appropriate to remember why poor countries may face famine. Yes, because in conditions of low yields, rich countries will simply buy up all the food on the world market in order to keep food prices at home.

Everyone understands that this will lead to social instability and mass protests. Resignations are also possible, followed by new elections, which may be won by completely different forces. That is why it is important for current politicians to solve this problem. Moreover, the first swallows have already flown. Or rather, they flew away. Everyone understands that Johnson and Draghi are just the beginning.

Turkey in the grain deal, having its good profit, is actually the savior of the United States and Europe, since it is she who is the key participant in the operation to save the face of the collective West, which is forced to lift many early sanctions against Russia. And Ukrainian grain is just a beautiful story that Western media pour into the ears of their inhabitants.

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