A. Vučić: “The Greek government knew everything about weapons on the plane”

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić told a press conference that the Greek government knows all about the Ukrainian Antonov and that it is transporting weapons and ammunition.

He even characteristically says that “everything was clear as a tear”that is, Serbia informed everyone about everything and is even perplexed, “why the Greek Foreign Ministry made a fuss.”

“I don’t know anything about the progress of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I don’t understand why they did something like that, since Serbia followed all the procedures. Everything was clear as a tear, Vucic said, answering a journalist’s question about Athens’ claim that they were not informed in time about the nature of the cargotransported by the ill-fated aircraft.

Aleksandar Vučić also mentioned on Monday evening that no petitions had been filed and that “the Serbian authorities will wait to see what the Greek press writes before they can take any position.”

There are many questions in the Serbian media about this case, mainly about the cargo and the method of its transportation. Serbia has been exporting weapons and ammunition to Bangladesh for over 20 years, and it used to be customary to transport them by sea, on ships.

Especially when it came to training missiles and mines, which are four times cheaper than conventional ones, they always chose their transportation by sea, since air transport was unprofitable due to the high cost.

The experts here in Serbia are wondering: “Why now the private company Valir, which is allegedly an exporter, has chosen an economically unprofitable route for transporting training missiles?”

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