December 2, 2023

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Ukrainian plane carrying weapons from Serbia crashed in Greece

A Ukrainian transport plane carrying weapons and military equipment crashed at 22:40 on Saturday near the village of Paleochori, Kavala.

The last mark on the radar was 10 nautical miles west of Kavala. The plane was flying from Serbia, entered Greek airspace, turned towards Kavala airport and was probably about to land before it crashed.

Serbia sells weapons to both Ukraine and Russia. This is the only state in Europe that produces a large number of weapons used by both warring parties.

It is no coincidence that in a video published last week, the British are training Ukrainians with brand new Serbian-made Zastava assault rifles.

Fire brigades and EKAV ambulances were immediately dispatched to the crash site.

Power supply was interrupted in nearby villages. According to the information, the fall occurred 10 kilometers north of Eleftheroupolis-Kavala, in Nikisiani. Eyewitnesses report that residents saw fire from afar, and explosions were also heard.

Two ΕΜΑΚ squads rush to the scene to begin an investigation.

The pilot of a Ukrainian commercial aircraft sent a distress signal to the control tower of Chrysoupoli airport. A little later, it was seen how it caught fire near the village of Paleochori, Kavala.

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