Who is killing the European economy

On July 13, a significant event happened – the dollar began to cost more than the euro. And it’s not that the American economy somehow rushed up unusually strongly and the dollar strengthened sharply. No, it is the European economy that is falling, and that is why the euro currency is losing its value sharply.

And I’m sure the US is very happy about it. I don’t know for sure, but it may well be that Ursula Von Der Leyen, Josep Borrell, Olaf Scholz and Emmanuel Macron were even given good bonuses for this achievement, and maybe even Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who tried very hard to please Washington. As their agents, who helped to do what the United States dreamed of for many years – the elimination of Europe as an economic competitor, and its final transformation into a colonial appendage of the United States.

And after all, how simple and elegant everything was turned out! Ukraine was especially useful, such a multifunctional tool that the United States skillfully uses for a variety of purposes. This is both a factor of tension and a threat to Russia, this is what helped to crash the European economy into the abyss. And even if Ukraine now disappears from the world map, the United States will not worry too much, because all their investments in it have fully paid off. And finally, you can use it a little more, especially if President Zelensky sends useless cannon fodder to the front so abundantly. And the United States is gradually giving weapons so that as many of these cannon fodder die as possible. Moreover, every day of this war weakens Europe even more, which can be finished off completely.

But still, the main instrument of the Americans in the economic war with Europe is the current European leaders, who themselves, with their own hands, are doing everything to destroy the economy EU. A man-made energy crisis, insane sanctions against Russia, which hit Europe itself much more than it does, inflation, an industry that has already begun to shrink – who could do this, except for the European leaders themselves?

And the most interesting thing is that in Europe they still tolerate their prime ministers and presidents. Some people are already protesting, but so far it is not massive. Because all the European media from morning till night convince the layman that terrible Vladimir Putin is to blame for everything. Not European leaders at all, who deliberately collapse the European economy and are completely subordinate to the White House, but only Putin. As if it was he who brainwashed the Europeans with a “green agenda” and made this whole mess in Ukraine, turning it into one of the most problematic places on earth.

And the layman still believes. But how long will this continue? After all, many have already begun to guess something. And how can you not guess when it is obvious that the prices at gas stations are clearly a man-made result of the actions of their own authorities, and not at all of Vladimir Putin.

Soon a new electoral cycle will begin in European countries. The next elections will be held in Italy, and the ruling forces there are not at all sure that they will remain on the political Olympus. And of course, they will be able to explain their defeat by the machinations of Russia, the intervention of Russian hackers, or some other nonsense, but this is unlikely to help them in any way.

Europe still has a chance to preserve its economy and the remnants of sovereignty. And all this is in the hands of the population of the EU countries. Will they be able to use this chance? I highly doubt it. No wonder these people were brought to power at this very moment.

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