Power Pass: Greeks Don’t Know Whether to Laugh or Cry at Benefit Amounts

A very nasty surprise was received this morning by the people of Greece after they began to receive “returns” of money in their accounts from the government through the “hyped” Power Pass project for the absurd electricity bills that the inhabitants of the country had to pay in previous months.

Most of them received ridiculous sums of 10, 20, 30 euros, that is, just enough to buy a few pieces of souvlaki, complains Theophrastos Andreopoulos, editor of the publication pronews.gr. Will anyone ask “should the government owe us”?

Yes! It should, because it decided to put the country among the enemies of Russia, and not vice versa. The same Hungary, Turkey and Austria, which have chosen a neutral position, do not pay for very expensive electricity. Only EU (except Austria and Hungary), as well as the United States, have imposed anti-Russian sanctions and are paying with very expensive electricity.

So since the Mitsotakis government has decided to put Greece “on the right side of history,” according to the Prime Minister, it must also pay the impoverished for this choice, which the people of Greece were not asked whether they wanted to or not.

Another reason it “owes” them is high taxes. The government promises that due to high taxes, it will provide citizens with “aid” in the form of allowances for electricity or fuel … ridiculous amounts, about 65 euros, with monthly bills ΔΕΗ 500 euros and more!

Benefits, the funds for which are taken from the pockets of the inhabitants of Greece themselves in the form of taxes. In practice, it turns out that the authorities take 100 euros and return 10, and citizens must say in response “oh i’m happy thanks to the government‘ so as not to be ungrateful.

But come on, after all, “they are ungrateful” and today they are “criticizing” the government with “adjectives” on the internet for a “big refund” of money for the amounts they saw on their electricity bills…

It is characteristic that some received … a negative amount, that is, again, it is good that they did not pay more.

Naturally, the “trolling festival” began on Twitter:

The 600 euros ordered* by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis have arrived! Run to collect the change that fell from his friends table!

He told you about “up to 600 € #powerpass “Take 30 and thank the political thug who works for you and steals from you 3 of the year.


Up to 600 € – this is for our entire village, probably …

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