Turkey: on a shark with a mop, or "all is well that ends well" (video)

A shark swam into the bay near the Turkish Marmaris. Vacationers fought her off with a mop.

As reported ABC Gazetesi, the incident occurred in the resort town, on the beach in Marmaris, but there was no predator attack. The shark swam close to the bathing people, but they managed to drive it away … with a mop.

Marmaris is located on the Aegean coast, bordering the Red Sea. It is in the Red Sea in Egyptian Hurghadatwice in the last few days there have been shark attacks on people, which have led to the death of the victims of their aggression.

The first time a shark attacked a woman, biting off her arm and leg. The injured Austrian citizen was hospitalized, however, according to unofficial information, she died from blood loss on the way to the hospital. Rescuers forbade other tourists to swim in the place where the tragedy occurred.

Two days later again a woman died as a result of a shark attack, the Egyptian Ministry of the Environment reported on Facebook. According to Minister Yasmin Fuad, both tourists died while swimming in the Sahli Hasheesh resort area from a shark attack. A working group of specialists on protected areas has been formed. In order to avoid the recurrence of such cases, it was decided to stop the activities of entertainment facilities and close the beaches near the scene.

ABC Gazetesi reports that in Turkey, the incident took place at sea on a public beach. When one of the vacationers shouted that there was a shark in the water, another tourist brought a mop and began to drive away the marine life that swam close to the shore. Witnesses filmed everything on camera and posted it online.

After that, disputes broke out on the Internet – some users claimed that it was a Mediterranean garfish, which, due to the presence of a large fin, is sometimes mistaken for a shark, but witnesses of the incident argued that it was a shark.

Later, according to the publication “Lenta.ru”, Marmaris authorities posted a comment on social media:

“The fish that vacationers saw on the public beach and mistook for a shark was a Mediterranean garfish. According to experts, this is a harmless animal. So you can not take a mop when you go swimming in the sea!

How accurate the information is is anyone’s guess. After all, the tourist season, on which great hopes are placed, is in full swing …

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