4th dose: yes or no

Greek health authorities caused scandal and confusion on Thursday afternoon when they announced that people over the age of 30 could be given the 4th dose (2nd booster) of the Covid-19 vaccine.

First, the National Committee on Vaccination announced its decision allow 4th dose for persons aged 30-59 years. Coronavirus booster appointments will be available from Monday (June 27, 2022) for the 30-59 age group on a voluntary basis, the committee said in a statement. He reiterated his “strong recommendation” that people over 60 get a second booster shot.

However, in statement there was also a “small bomb”: “There is currently insufficient scientific evidence on the additional benefit of a second revaccination with existing vaccines.“.

The immediate reaction of everyone who read the statement was: if scientific evidence is not enough, then why should people aged 30-59 receive the 4th dose? Some kind of journalist, like a TV news anchor Mega Live News, said live that those who wrote this statement should be “ashamed”, and asked “was the purpose of the 4th dose for 30-59 to make the drug companies richer?”.

Some others, including the Athens News, recalled messages relatively recent deal between EU and vaccine companies, with the former asking the latter to amend their original booster supply agreement due to declining demand.

Operational intervention was Deputy Health Minister Mina Gagawho, in conversation with MegatLiveNews emphasized that she, as a doctor, will not recommend a 4th dose those whose age does not require it, unless the person is very afraid of Covid-19.

Mina Gaga said thatdistances itself from the Vaccination Committee, addressing a magazine host at the age of 50: “If I were you, I would not do the 4th dose of the vaccine. If you tell me that you are afraid, I will tell you: go and do it!”.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister claims that the Committee on Vaccination does not recommend the 4th dose for persons under 60 years of age without health problems.

Much later members National Committee for Vaccination spoke to other TV channels and substantiated their controversial The solution was that they were getting messages from people in their 30s, young and healthy, who wanted the 4th dose for their own reasons. Either because they wanted to travel, or because there were vulnerable people at home, or because they had not taken their 3rd dose for a long time, etc.

“Therefore, the vaccination committee made this proposal so that anyone who wants to can do the 4th dose of the vaccine in the summer, as the site opens on Monday,” said OPEN TV.

“The Commission stated that although vaccines are not help from sub-options of Omicron, they protect against severe illness from coronavirus, ”quotes OPEN TV. Other health experts added their “two cents”, agreeing with Gaga and disagreeing with the committee. But some called for refraining from assessing the situation and simply informing the public when and for whom the platform will open.

The fact is that 4th dose optional for the age group of 30-59 years, as well as for those over 60, although there are strong recommendation.

So, if you decide to take the 4th dose: the prescribing platform opens on June 27, and here is the link to the platform emvolio.gov.gr Unless, of course, you … do not feel sorry for your health.


PS On June 23, WHO officially announced the start of monkeypox pandemics, according to the website of the organization. A pandemic with 3.5 thousand cases of almost 8 billion. Have they run out of money? Not enough for a new yacht?

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