June 25, 2024

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Taxi fares jumped: minimum route 4 euros

The increase in fuel prices has led to higher taxi fares.

The Union of Motorists, after meetings with the leadership of the Ministry of Transport, raised all requests submitted to SATA by the relevant memorandum of 05/13/2022, indicating that the existing conditions (two years of incomplete operation due to the health crisis, rising fuel prices, doubling the cost of vehicle maintenance ) undermined this area of ​​business.

After a meeting on June 16 with Deputy Minister of Transport Michalis Papadopoulos, according to information from motorists, an agreement was reached.

Based on the adjustment, the starting fare “per landing” will start from the amount of 1.80 euros (compared to 1.19 euros today). The minimum fare is set at 4 euros, and the route to / from the airport “El. Venizelos” will cost 40 euros.

However, official announcements are expected in the coming days. Based on the new price list announced by SATA on social media, the new fees look like this:

“The increase is just the beginning,” the SATA administration said in a statement, adding that something happened in a short period of time that has not been done in the past two years. “Under our own pressure and our own arguments, ‘closed doors’ have not only been opened, but industry demands such as bill adjustments have been met.”

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