September 22, 2023

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Lavrov to a Ukrainian journalist about “the theft of Ukrainian grain”: “Do you think everyone steals like you?”

A Ukrainian journalist attacked Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with an uncomfortable question, accusing him of stealing Ukrainian goods in order to get an answer from the head of Russian diplomacy: “Do you think that everyone is a thief like you?»

The incident occurred during a meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and Turkish Foreign Minister M. Cavusoglu in Ankara.

Lavrov and Cavusoglu spoke at a press conference in Turkey about plans to create an export corridor for Ukrainian grain, the British newspaper The Guardian reports. The event was coming to an end, and Umerov could not ask his question. He stood up and addressed the Russian Foreign Minister directly.

“My name is Muslim Umerov, I have this question: what of the stolen goods in Ukraine, besides grain, has Russia already been able to sell?” – asked an employee of public-legal television of Ukraine.

“Ah, your head hurts all the time about what and where to steal. Do you think everyone does this? Lavrov laughed. – I’m answering you. We are engaged in the implementation of the goals that were announced publicly – to rid the east of Ukraine from the pressure of the neo-Nazi regime. That’s what we’re doing. As for grain… We explained today that grain can be easily transported to destinations, there are no obstacles from Russia. For this, it is necessary that Mr. Zelensky give a command, if he still commands something there, to allow foreign, and even Ukrainian, ships to enter the Black Sea.”

Umerov, who works in Istanbul for Ukrainian television, explained that he kept raising his hand at the press conference, but realized that the organizers would not allow him to ask a question, Agence France-Presse reports. “I took the risk of interrupting the conference, as the whole of Ukraine is waiting for an answer to this question,” Umerov explained.

As the global food crisis deepens, there are reports that Russia is stealing grain from Ukraine to resell it at a profit, declared US Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken The Guardian.

UN verification, did not find there is no evidence for this assertion.

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