Strange deaths of children in Greece: 138 minors have died in the past six months

In recent months, quite often, unfortunately, information appears that the child has died, and more than once the death was sudden and seemingly without an aggravating anamnesis. According to experts, 138 child deaths have been registered over the past six months.

About it today on the channel OPEN experts said, and a professor of cardiology explained that the most common cause of childhood death is heart disease, writes

Hellenic Society of Forensic Medicine President Grigoris Leon initially explained that “there is a real increase in child mortality all over the world, and here we have to say the following: let’s say in the USA it was noticed that Covid-19 had a significant impact on this rate. Some states are already saying it’s the sixth cause of death.”

Mr. Leon said earlier that because of the coronavirus, doctors around the world have focused their attention on the disease, and “perhaps began to ‘attribute’ death to other causes – the consequences of the (asymptomatic) coronavirus.”

“In order to see a congenital anomaly in a child or a fundamentally different disease, we must examine the patient’s condition “under the microscope.” That is, this is a thorough examination, which takes several months. Parents of deceased children may not have known that the babies had any hidden pathologies. And now, after the death of the child, specialists will have to establish the true cause of the sudden departure from the life of a minor. Thorough examinations, histological, toxicological and even genetic, are needed to have reliable answers, and therefore we now hear a lot of information about “unexplained death”. However, after all the examinations, death will no longer remain inexplicable,” the professor added.

“Now we can say that there is indeed an increase in sudden deaths, but I must note that this includes the deaths of children who died in road accidents. This is the general statistics of child mortality, ”the expert concluded.

For his part, pediatrician Marios Andreou explained that “data provided ΕΛΣΤΑΤ”, and “if we do a little research and look at the numbers for previous years, this year we will not have growth. We probably have the same mortality rate or even less.”

According to ELSTAT, in 2020 there were 359 deaths between the ages of 0 and 19 in Greece. In 2021, 353 deaths at the same age were recorded. Dimitris Tusoulis, a professor of cardiology, said that “heart disease in children is the most common cause, especially between the ages of 0 and 19 if accidents are ruled out.”

According to him, the most common heart disease is an abnormal expansion of the coronary vessels, which is often not detected during any examination,” he stressed.

There are also some other syndromes called diseases of the vascular system (παθήσεις του συστήματος αγωγής), which can cause cardiac tachycardia and lead to sudden death, and “occur at night”.

The father of a 12-year-old girl who died in her sleep in Thessaloniki is shocked: “The daughter did not react to waking up, I turned her over and saw my child was completely bruised.” The cardiologist in relation to this lethal outcome said that he did not exclude such an event (cardiovascular pathology).

Reference. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Every parent’s worst nightmare. This may happen unexpectedly. The worst thing is that science cannot say why this happens. So, one of the few things you can do is arm yourself with the right knowledge about this phenomenon.

New parents do everything they can to keep their children healthy. But sometimes a child who seems perfectly healthy dies for no apparent reason. When a baby dies before the age of 1, it is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Because this condition often occurs during sleep, the term “cradle death” may also be heard. SIDS is defined as the sudden death of an infant under 1 year of age that remains unexplained after a thorough investigation of the cases, including performing a full autopsy, examining the site of death, and reviewing the clinical history.

Although numerous hypotheses have been proposed as the pathophysiological mechanisms responsible for SIDS, none have been proven. The triple risk model proposed by American experts suggests that sudden death syndrome is an intersection of factors:

  • failure in the nervous system responsible for controlling respiratory or cardiac function;
  • a critical period in the development of homeostatic control mechanisms (the form of the body’s response to the conditions of existence);
  • exogenous external stimuli. Death occurs when stress factors affect the baby, which has insufficiently formed structural and functional defense mechanisms.

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