Suicide of a bodybuilder in Thessaloniki

The investigation into the death of a coach in the Toumba area (Thessaloniki) revealed another protagonist of the tragedy.

Homicide authorities are looking into the role of a woman, a former classmate of a bodybuilder with whom he had an affair. A friend of the suicide claimed that the man was in love with her. And the cheat extorted 400,000 euros from him, which he acquired during transactions with cryptocurrency. According to the witness, “someone helped his friend to die.”

“He had no financial problems, he felt very comfortable financially. How did he get 90,000? He sold his car and withdrew money from his account. He contacted me and I told him that we could invest 90,000 euros with cryptocurrencies, which happened. In five months, this amount reached 400,000 euros, ”a friend of the coach told the Alfa channel.

“His classmate visited the gym and initiated an affair. He knew her before, they were classmates. She is married with children, he is divorced. The young woman was in a nightmarish home environment and wanted to divorce her husband. And they were looking for ways out of the situation, and the coach decided to help her friend. He gave her codes from an app that contained €400,000 worth of cryptocurrency. She cashed out the amount, continuing to maintain contact with him. However, it gradually distanced itself, and soon completely disappeared, ”he said.

He didn’t care about money, he was destroyed by the collapse of love

“He didn’t care about money, it was a romantic disappointment. He was very in love. She taunted him in her heart, all she wanted was his money. My question is this. How can this girl, who didn’t even know the cryptocurrency app, cash it out?

Someone helped her with this. I myself, who know the application, do not know how to do this. My friend gave her the codes to show her “look baby, we have a huge amount, trust me.” I wanted to let her feel that he has an airbag, and she can count on his support, ”he continued.

The 50-year-old bodybuilder is said to have written in a suicide note he left about “educated girls” who go to parties with rich young men and then pull schemes with them. He cites a bitter lesson “taught him” by his ex-partner.

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