Victims of the tragedy in Mati are driven out into the street

The eviction of fire victims from the Air Force Rest Homes in Zumberi, where they live after the deadly fire in Mati, is reported by one of the victims.

A resident of the district, Petros Petridis, claims that the commander of the ΚΕΔΑ (Κέντρα Ετοιμότητας Διασποράς Αεροπορίας) on May 10 informed residents temporarily living in the center who suffered from the fire to “vacate the premises” on May 29.

As Mr. Petridis points out in an interview with the publication www.zougla.grafter the decision announced by the administration of the camp, the residents asked to give them a document in writing (an order to evict from their homes) in order to find out where it came from in order to get an answer.

During the confrontation between the guests, who have been living in temporary housing since the summer of 2018, and the camp administration, the opposing side responded to the counterclaims of the victims of the fire with the words “the state is me.”

Mr. Petridis points out that four years after the deadly fire, it took residents a long time to get to work repairing the damage to their property. He notes: “In December, I was paid an advance payment for the restoration of the house, which was completely destroyed, and since then, ΔΕΔΔΗΕ and the authorities involved have not issued permits to provide electricity to the construction site. As a result, we cannot start work. Other roommates in Mati faced the same or similar difficulties. It is known that people have been suffering for four years. Those who had repairs made immediately left the Air Force camp. And those who had a badly damaged home that needed a major overhaul, “hung here for years.”

Anniversary of the deadly fire in Mati

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