Pedophiles go hunting on the Internet under female names

In Rhodes, an urgent investigation has been launched into the actions of a pedophile who lured an 8-year-old child into his networks.

The Instagram profile allowed the criminal to gain confidence in an eight-year-old girl and get her naked photo. The man introduced himself as a manager looking for beautiful models of childhood. Deftly gaining confidence in the course of correspondence, he eventually persuaded the child to send nude photographs – as a portfolio for “career advancement”.

The girl’s parents turned to the police of the Rhodes security subdivision, to the department for combating electronic crimes, whose employees found correspondence and ill-fated photographs on the girl’s tablet, reports dimocratic.

According to preliminary information, the “virtual” pedophile who lured the girl into a trap is now being tracked. In the coming days, the parents will submit a statement of accusation through a lawyer.

Earlier, the police uncovered a similar crime: a 29-year-old pedophile communicated with potential victims via Instagram. After creating two profiles with a female name, he “looked for models” among young girls, promising a reward of 300 euros. With those who became interested, the offender entered into correspondence, painting in colors a prestigious job as a model. But for this, as in the above case, he (she) needs nude photos.

After the account was blocked, the cybercrime department identified two 11-year-old girls who sent their photos to the “model manager” for “casting”. Moreover, one of them, having succumbed to the pressure of an eloquent pedophile, was already ready to meet him personally.

The criminal was quickly found out – he turned out to be an “old acquaintance” who was arrested in 2017 in Lamia for a similar crime. The girls’ parents filed applications and spoke in detail about the events of recent months. The children themselves were not called in for questioning, so as not to aggravate the trauma.

Parents noticed changes in the behavior of their children, but could not understand what exactly was bothering them. Only after reading the profiles of girls on Instagram, they realized what was happening and immediately contacted law enforcement agencies.

And pressed “to the wall” the criminal confessed his vile actions under the name of Ilian. He chose the reincarnation as a woman for easier communication with young girls, “with whom he was in love.” And after the interrogation, he asked for an examination by a psychiatrist to help him cope with a painful passion. It’s just hard to believe that the recidivist woke up pity or conscience. Rather, in this way he tried to reduce his future punishment.

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