Director of a special school bit a disabled student

A primary school teacher and part-time director of a special school in Arta scratched and bit one of her students, an 11-year-old child with an intellectual disability.

The mother found out that something had happened to her son when she went to pick him up from school, and saw scratches behind his ear and on his wrists. She was literally shocked to see a large dark bruise on the child’s leg with teeth marks when they returned home and the mother was undressing him for a bath.

In conversation with local media she said that back at school she asked the teacher what happened. The teacher told her that the scratches were caused when the headmaster, who is also a teacher, tried to move a child who grabbed her hair. Her surprise was even greater when she saw the bite.

According to the mother, since the child was diagnosed with autism, it was not easy for him to explain what happened. The woman contacted the teacher and was shortly called by the director, who “told me before I even asked that she was the one who bit the child to move him away while he was pulling her hair.”

According to the mother, the director told her that she did it in self-defense … from an 11-year-old disabled child. “Every day I fight to get my child accepted! Because this is a subtle disability, that is, if we go to the playground, my child, due to autism, will want to play alone on the slide, he will not communicate with other children to play, and therefore for those who do not know my son, he seems like a spoiled child, as his disability is not visible.

The incident at the school happened last Tuesday. When the mother of the injured child found out that her child had been abused, she sued the principal.

It is reported that the Ministry of Education has been informed about the incident.

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