February 3, 2023

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Greece celebrated Victory Day

Today in the Athens district of Kallithea, in the square near the monument to the Soviet soldier, a rally dedicated to the Victory Day was held.

The rally began at about 5 pm, but throughout the day people came to the monument to pay tribute to the memory of relatives and friends who died during the Second World War.

The rally was organized by Sofia Zurnatzidou, Xenia Kalpakidou, Kostas Dimitriadis, Eleutheriadis Panelis, with the participation of the Kallithea District Mayor’s Office and the Ellikiki Lisi Party. The event was attended by a representative of the Kallithea city hall, an MP from the Elliniki Lisi party and former minister Panagiotis Lavazanis.

Panagiotis Kesanidis: not a single Greek of the Black Sea region put on a Nazi uniform.

After the end of the solemn part, the concert began, which continues at the time of publication of the material.

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