June 23, 2024

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The city electric train, the 1st line of the ΗΣΑΠ metro, is being modernized

Organization of public transport ΣΤΑ.ΣΥ. took another step towards the radical modernization of the old trains of the 1st metro line, i.е. former ΗΣΑΠ.

As announced, the 2nd stage of the tender for the project of modernization of trains of the 1st metro line has been successfully completed. ΣΤΑ.ΣΥ. announced the Spanish company Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles SA as a temporary contractor for the project under the relevant proposal of the TASY tender committee.

The project contractor undertakes, within the framework of the detailed specification and operational requirements, to deliver 14 trains of the 8th acceptance, which entered circulation in 1983-1985, fully modernized and capable of productive operation over the next 25 years from the date of completion of the contract, reports iefimerida.gr.

What the ΗΣΑΠ update brings

The aim of the project is to replace old and energy intensive DC traction motors with modern AC motors and traction system, rotating generator with modern static type generator, air compressors and pneumatic system including passenger door control system.

In addition, the trains will be modernized – they will be equipped with a set of facilities for passengers with disabilities, as well as for security purposes they will be equipped with video surveillance systems and information screens.

Aesthetic renovation of the interior is planned (replacement of windows, seats, installation of LED lighting, etc.). It is expected that the modernization of 14 trains will lead to a significant improvement in the transport fleet of Line 1.

Delivery within three years

The term of delivery of the contractual object is set at 34 months from the date of signing the contract. However, the delivery of trains will be carried out in parts: the first repaired train will be delivered 19 months after the signing of the contract, 4 more – after 25 months, 5 more – after 30 months, and the remaining 4 – after 34 months. The estimated value of the contract is 70 million euros without VAT.

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