Greece ranks 20th among 33 European countries in terms of electricity prices

According to the monthly HEPI survey of retail electricity prices in European countries, Greece ranks 20th out of 33 in terms of electricity prices. The survey was conducted by the Austrian and Hungarian energy regulators in cooperation with Vaasa ETT.

According to the information published on the website, despite the large increase recently due to the international crisis, the average consumer price of electricity in Greece (Athens) was in April at 0.21 € per kWh compared to 0.27 €, which is average in 27 member countries EU. In first place is the UK (London) with 0.65 € per kWh, followed by Copenhagen (0.53 €) and Vienna (0.48 €).

In the report fixed price reduction in our country last month by 11% due, according to the source, a higher subsidy from the government.

On the natural gasaccording to the report, the consumer price in our country in April was slightly higher than the EU average (0.13 € per kWh against 0.12 €), which puts Greece in 12th place.

The most expensive country is the Netherlands (Amsterdam) at €0.31 per kilowatt hour, followed by Vienna (€0.24) and Stockholm (€0.23). In contrast to electricity, the gas sector is seeing a 37% increase as government subsidies are said to only partially offset price increases.

According to the Greek government, a new package of measures to support consumers of electricity is inevitable, which involves the introduction of a price ceiling, subsidies or a combination of the two options with a larger consumption scale, over 300 kilowatt-hours per month.

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