Kyiv: journalist and producer killed in rocket attack "Radio Liberty"

The day after a rocket hit a residential high-rise building in Kyiv, the body of Vera Girich, a journalist from the Ukrainian bureau of Radio Liberty, was found under the rubble.

At the moment when UN Secretary General António Guterres and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky were holding talks in Kyiv, there were fired five missiles. One of them is not far from the hotel where the Secretary General of the organization stayed. The blow came literally an hour after the end of a joint press conference between Zelensky and Guterres, during which the UN chief criticized the Security Council for failing to prevent or stop this war. None of the members of the delegation, like Guterres himself, was injured – they had not yet reached the hotel.

Journalist, producer Radio Liberty Vera Girich died when a Russian missile hit the house she lived in in Kyiv. The body of the deceased was found under the rubble on the morning of April 29. Jamie Fly, the president media corporations, noted that he was shocked and outraged by the death of Vera Girich “in the country and the city that she loved”:

“We have lost a dear colleague whom we will remember for her professionalism and dedication to our mission. We are shocked and angry at the senselessness of this death – at home, in the country and in the city she loved. Her memory will be an inspiration for our work as in Ukraine and beyond its borders for many years to come. It is symbolic that at this moment the Secretary General of the United Nations is in Kyiv. This is a kind of greeting from Vladimir Putin to him. He showed you the middle finger, shelling and destroying our homes. But the goal Putin is not buildings, he wants to destroy human lives, but we will stand.”

Vera Girich started working for the Ukrainian service of Radio Liberty on February 1, 2018. The editorial clarifies that she was engaged in producing. Prior to that, Girich worked for leading Ukrainian TV channels.

The Russian Defense Ministry commented on the missile strikes on Kyiv in a summary, while not commenting on the strike on a new building in the Shevchenkovsky district on the right bank of the Dnieper:

“VKS with high-precision long-range weapons destroyed the production buildings of the enterprise of the rocket and space industry “Artem” in Kyiv.”

However, the Ukrainian authorities did not report on the “destruction of production buildings” of the Artem defense plant. On the evening of April 28, several powerful explosions sounded in the Ukrainian capital in the Lukyanovka district (Shevchenko district). Advisor to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko says that three missiles were launched at the same time at the same target, so that it would be difficult to shoot them down: “Our air defense managed to intercept one of the missiles aimed at Kyiv.” The only victim was Vera Girich. Ten people were injured.

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