Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman’s Sharp Statement Against US Causes Shock

The sharpest statement in modern history, at least in recent years, was made through a representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry to the United States. Twitter reacted strongly to it.

China’s derogatory characterizations, heavy accusations and harsh language show that the world has entered a new spiral of global conflict and we should no longer rule out all-out war.

“We hope that Europe will stop holding a candle to the devil”says a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry.

This, among other things, was stated by a Chinese official, accusing America of a series of crimes against humanity: the use of chemical and nuclear weapons against civilians, the killing of millions of civilians, the expulsion of 26 million people from their homes in recent decades alone.

He said that the US poses the biggest threat to the security and stability of humanity, and the so-called democratic sensibility was just a pretext to attack and destroy fully sovereign countries, for which they should have been brought before an international tribunal for crimes against humanity and humanity long ago.

Judging by this statement, one can say about a serious change in China’s diplomatic position, since earlier (at least in recent decades) this country has always been measured in its foreign policy statements. And given the economic and military power of China, such statements bear little resemblance to the so-called. thousand and first Chinese warning”, which in the middle of the 20th century caused only a smile.

Watch the statements with English subtitles.

It is noteworthy that the video received more than 4,000 retweets and about 900 comments, the essence of which was distributed depending on the countries and nationalities of the authors. From sharply condemning, mainly from the citizens of the USA, Australia, Canada, to full support from the people of Europe, Asia and Africa.

The US censors the truth because if people understood the truth, the game would be over.

China may care less about human rights

I usually don’t trust CCCP, but this time he seems to be right…

Those who attack China must first explain how much of what is said here is not true.

Those who defend China must first explain why China has not yet condemned Russia’s current aggression against Ukraine.

I agree that China is not a model of virtue, but facts are facts.

China has never been so blunt in foreign relations. What the country does inside is their business, and outside it is everyone’s business.

Solomon islands? Africa? Taiwan? And many others…

India and Vietnam come to mind.

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