July 24, 2024

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Moscow is not waiting for guests on Victory Day

Russia did not invite the leaders of other states to the Victory Day – the date is not “round”.

The decision was announced by Dmitry Peskov, the official representative of the Kremlin, citing the April 29 edition “News”:

“We did not invite any foreign leaders to the Victory Day. The thing is, it’s not an anniversary date. This is our holiday, it is a holy holiday for all of Russia, for all Russians.”

The press secretary of Vladimir Putin added that the invitation of the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is also not planned yet.

As always, the parade will take place on May 9 on the Red Square of the Russian capital. It will involve 77 aircraft and helicopters (according to the number of years since the Second World War), 131 units of military equipment and modern weapons. 11 thousand military personnel will take part in the parade, and the legendary T-34 will lead the festive column.

The “highlight” of the parade will be the flight of eight MiG-29SMT fighters over Red Square, which will depict the letter Z in the sky, supporting the participants of the special operation in Ukraine.

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