Public transport operation on Easter holidays

Due to the Easter holidays, from April 22 to April 25, 2022, public transport in the Greek capital will operate with longer intervals – the interval between flights will increase.

On April 22, the interval of traffic for trams, buses, trolleybuses and metro will increase by 30-40%.

On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, buses, trolleybuses, metro and city trains will operate as holidays, almost twice as often.

On Friday evening, during the church service (7 p.m.), traffic will be suspended, which will resume after the end of the service (about 9 p.m.), transport will carry passengers until midnight. On Saturday, the metro will run until 22:30.

City train and metro:

  • On line 1 from 05:30 to 23:30 interval 10.5 ′ and at other opening hours 15 ′.
  • On lines 2 and 3 today, on Good Friday, from 09:00 to 17:00 the interval is 7′, and the rest of the opening hours is 10′. From Holy Saturday to Easter Monday, the interval is 10′. In addition, today, Good Friday, the night extension of hours of operation on metro lines 2 and 3 will not apply. The last trains will depart from the Syntagma station at 00:20.
  • By tram on Good Friday from 05:30 to 22:00 interval 12 ′ and at other opening hours at 15 ′, and from Good Saturday to Easter Monday, throughout the work interval 15 ′.

On Holy Saturday night, the last trains will depart:

  • On line 1 from Piraeus and Kifisia at 22:20.
  • Route 2 from Antoupolis at 22:44 and from Elliniko at 22:41.
  • Route 3 from D. Plakentias at 22:39 and from Nice at 22:41.
  • From the metro station “Syntagma” in all directions at 23:00.
  • From the airport at 22:02 and from Nice to the airport at 21:31.
  • Trams line 6 from Pikrodafni at 22:00 and from Syntagma at 22:45.
  • Trams line 7 from Asclepieion of Voula at 21:44 and from Agia Triada at 21:58.
  • On tram lines 6 and 7 from Syntagma to Asklipie Voulas at 21:45 and vice versa at 21:29, from Agia Triada to Syntagma at 21:28 and vice versa at 21:30.

Buses and trolleybuses

In buses and trolleybuses today, on Good Friday, the Saturday program will be implemented, and tomorrow, on Good Saturday, the routes will be completed earlier so that all vehicles are at the depot at 23:00, according to the decision of the workers OASA.

The last routes are expected from 22:00 or earlier.

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (until April 27), public transport in Athens will operate in pre-holiday mode (increasing the interval up to 40%). The normal schedule of public transport in Greece will be restored only from Thursday, April 28.

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