June 23, 2024

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The government raises the issue of increasing OPECA benefits

The Greek Ministry of Labor has begun a thorough study of the issue of increasing financial assistance to persons receiving state assistance (benefits).

As Deputy Minister of Labor Domna Mihailidou explained to SKAI, meetings are being held to solve an urgent problem – combating inflation and supporting vulnerable categories of the population receiving financial assistance from OPECA, reports dikaiologitika.gr.

Currently OPEKA provides:

  • Rent allowance: for 278,796 beneficiaries.
  • Minimum guaranteed income EEE-KEA: 219,941 beneficiaries.
  • Disability allowance: 168,239 beneficiaries.
  • Housing assistance: 780 beneficiaries.
  • Allowance for foreigners: 6194.
  • Assistance for the uninsured elderly (Law 1296/1982): 18,215.
  • Social solidarity allowance for the elderly: 16,728 beneficiaries.
  • Birth allowance: for 12,114 beneficiaries.
  • Child allowance: 577,105 beneficiaries.
  • Assistance to residents living in disadvantaged areas: 21 beneficiaries.

Recall that in the near future the Ministry of Labor will announce the decision.

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