March 31, 2023

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Draconian fines for talking on a cell phone while driving

Drivers of vehicles using a mobile phone while driving without headphones or open listening are punished with the removal of vehicle registration numbers and the withdrawal of a driver’s license for 60 days.

According to article 29 part 1 Z. 4530/18, drivers of vehicles who talk while driving are severely punished. In addition to the above, the fine for using a mobile phone by a driver while the vehicle is in motion is 100 euros.

AT recurrence within six months, the driver’s license is canceled for 120 days, and the offender is obliged to re-apply to the relevant services for its re-issuance.

The driver can use his mobile phone only when the device is in a special place for open listening or through a “link” made using Bluetooth. The use of wired headphones is prohibited on the groundsthat there is a risk of restricting the movements of the driver’s hands and causing an accident.

It is noted that the Greek police authorities are very strict about the use of mobile phones by drivers while driving. On average, more than 300 violations are confirmed every month for the use of mobile phones, and this is only in Attica.

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