USA: parody of the president made me doubt a close ally

A parody of Joe Biden, shown on one of the Saudi TV channels, caused a mixed reaction in the United States.

Fox News notes that the parody suggests whether Riyadh remains a “close ally” of Washington. According to TV presenter Tucker Carlson, even American television does not allow itself to show Biden’s “obvious dementia”, and Saudi MBC could not restrain itself. An unacceptable incident makes one think about changes in relations between the allies. To which Fox News correspondent Trace Gallagher noted that such humor is not common on Saudi TV, but in this situation there are certain disagreements:

“Saudi Arabia is very unhappy with President Biden because of the catastrophic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, the US position on the situation in Yemen and Biden’s attempts to revive the nuclear agreement with Iran. <...> It is also worth noting that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed made it clear that He doesn’t care what Joe Biden thinks of him.”

The Wall Street Journal previously reported that the UAE and Saudi Arabia refused to contact Biden on the issue of energy supplies. Both countries do not want to increase oil production and are sticking to a plan approved by OPEC and a group of producers led by Russia. RIA News.

Also, Abu Dhabi and Riyadh are concerned about the very “restrained” US response to the Houthi missile strikes in Yemen and the revival of the Iranian nuclear agreement, which supposedly does not take into account their security concerns. In addition, Saudi Arabia wants Washington to grant legal immunity to the crown prince, as he faces a series of lawsuits in the US.

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