The Ambassador of Ukraine asked Israel to change the date of the celebration of Victory Day

According to Israel HaYom, Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevhen Korniychuk appealed to Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett with a request to postpone the celebration of Victory Day over Nazism from May 9 to another day.

In a request submitted to Bennett’s office on April 12, the Ukrainian diplomat indicated that to celebrate the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany on the day chosen by Russia, “a little problematic” the publication reports

In a conversation with Israeli journalists, Korniychuk stressed that he was not going to interfere in the internal affairs of Israel, and he understood the situation from the point of view of the law. “However, this year, in light of recent events, we also turned to veterans and told them that we are rescheduling the celebration from the problematic date and want to celebrate Victory Day on May 8, as is customary in the West,” the ambassador was quoted as saying.

According to the ambassador, Bennett’s office has not yet made a decision, his request is still being considered. At the same time, the publication also cites a response received from Bennett’s office, which says that the Ukrainian ambassador was recommended to discuss the problem with the Minister of Construction and Housing Zeev Elkin, who previously participated in the drafting of the law on the celebration of Victory Day.

Israeli political analyst Solomon Mann commented on the situation in the following words:

Ukraine, represented by its ambassador Yevgeny Korniychuk, showed the absolute height of impudence and the absolute bottom in relation to Israel. Think about it: the ambassador of a country whose citizens have killed more than a million Jews is demanding that the Jews change the date for celebrating Victory Day! And then they ask me why I say that Ukraine, in fact, is Israel’s enemy, and not her friend. The next step for Ukraine, apparently, will be the requirement to celebrate the birthday of Hitler or Bandera instead of Victory Day.

Well, you can’t treat those who support you, feed you, treat your sick and wounded, and accept refugees like that, having nothing to do with you: neither you, nor your wars, nor your eternally boiling hatred. It will end badly for Ukraine.

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