Pickpockets hunted at the airport “El. Venizelos”

A group of people was arrested who regularly stole from passengers in the terminals of the international airport “El. Venizelos.”

Greek law enforcement agencies detained three foreigners aged 41, 48 and 53 years. In the context of the investigation of cases of theft of personal belongings from citizens at the Athens International Airport, the activities of a criminal organization – pickpockets were discovered, reports protothema.gr.

During a search of the arrested people, as well as in their homes, they found and confiscated: 380 euros, 10 wallets, several bags, jewelry, four mobile phones and banknotes that circulate in other countries.

As for the modus operandi, according to the police statement, the 53-year-old man had a special ability to skillfully extract wallets from gaping victims, using a jacket thrown over his shoulders, while using a handkerchief to hide his fingers.

The other two members assisted him by observing the area and looking for suitable conditions for the pickpocket to operate. In addition, in many cases, an artificial crowd was created at the place of the theft.

Announcement ΕΛ.ΑΣ.

“A criminal organization that stole from passengers on the premises of the Athens International Airport was liquidated by the local police department. On the afternoon of 04/05/2022, at the Athens International Airport, three foreigners aged 41, 48 and 53 were arrested by the police of the above service as members of a criminal organization that had committed thefts on an especially large scale.

During a thorough investigation by police officers, the activities of a criminal organization were revealed. Three members of the pickpocket gang have been identified. 3 cases of theft and 3 attempted thefts from passengers of the Athens International Airport have been established.”

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