Fighting inflation: who will receive an Easter bonus and how much

The allowance is planned to be paid from Monday to Wednesday, i.е. April 18-20, 2022 1,750,000 people will receive financial assistance.

The countdown has begun for Greeks to receive a one-time Easter Bonus 2022 allowance that will give vulnerable households affected by price hikes a “breathe”, according to the publication.

Based on the initial information, which spoke of an increase in the amount planned for issuance by 50 euros (extra per child), recent data show that 250 euro 4 categories of citizens will receive:

  1. Low-income pensioners – 676,635 people.
  2. Recipients of the minimum guaranteed income (EEE-KEA) – 241,281 people.
  3. Disabled people (AMEA) – 166,982 people.
  4. Married with children and low-income families with one parent – 625,000 people.

200 euros will receive:

  1. EEE-KEA beneficiaries (without children).
  2. AMEA disabled (without children).
  3. Uninsured elderly (without dependents and minor children).

Easter Bonus Criteria

  • Married. Annual income up to 14,000 euros.
  • Singles. Annual income up to 7,200 euros.
  • The value of real estate owned by the household must not exceed 200,000 euros.

a) A family with 1 child. Annual income:

  • Up to 10,500 euros – the amount of the additional (per child) bonus is 105 euros.
  • €10,501 – €17,500 The bonus amount is €63.
  • €17,501 – €26,250 The bonus amount is €42.

b) A family with 3 children. Annual income:

  • Up to 13,500 euros – the bonus amount is 420 euros.
  • €13,501 – €22,500 The bonus amount is €262.
  • €22,501 – €33,750 The bonus amount is €168.

More details in the video.

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