Beware: volunteer scammers

Athens News warns that among the volunteers collecting money, food, clothes and other things for Ukraine, may be scammers or people who have previously been noted for deception and even served time for fraud.

In particular, on the island of Zakynthos, Galina Genovese (she is Alinaaka Galina Belaya). scammer, which is well known in the local diaspora, at the beginning of the 2000s, she served time in the “youngster” for fraud in Odessa. Then, having gained rich prison experience, she studied psychology and actively engaged in criminal activities in Ukraine.

    Realizing that the people deceived by her would soon “get it”, she left for Greece, where she continued to engage in her criminal activities. She has dozens of people on her account, whom she deceived with paperwork and other frauds.

    Ukrainian arrested in Greece for fraud

    Since 2017, she has been in the tourism business. As shown by the police investigation, arrested, together with her husband (?), using the travel agency Athena Tour they opened, systematically deceived customers by offering them trips to various countries of the world at low prices. But in the end, under various pretexts, she did not send them anywhere.

    Thirty-nine (39) allegations were filed with the police between April and early October 2018 fraud. And there are still many people who, for various reasons – the lack of documents for residence in Greece or the unwillingness to contact scammers – did not submit their applications. Also, some victims believed Galina Genovez, who, being a certified psychologist and an experienced fraudster, skillfully convinced people that she would soon return their money to them. Some even received part of the money back, however, Galina took this money from new receipts to her account, from new people deceived by her.

    November 7, 2018 by the police security department Galina Ruzhitskaya was arrested along with her husband. Those arrested are accused of fraudulent activities, according to official communication Greek police. After serving a year and a half, the fraudster was released on bail, pending trial, which is still ongoing and due to the slowness of the proceedings, as well as the coronavirus pandemic, has not yet been completed.

    A few days ago it became known that Alina Ruzhitskaya was collecting aid for Ukraine. A scammer with a group of women travels around Greece and collects help. The photos, which were taken on the island of Zakynthos, show that she collects food, clothes and other material assets. According to information that has become the property of the editors, it is known that in addition to food, clothes and other things, money is being transferred to the account of her son Taras.


    Be careful, a person who repeatedly “buried” his parents, robbed the poorest and defenseless migrants, cannot become honest and decent in an instant. Not that nature.

    Use officially confirmed information!!!

    The Ministry of Migration and Asylum has published information for those wishing to help the residents of Ukraine.

    The text on the site says: “You can express your interest in offering assistance to migrants from Ukraine by filling out a special form, which can be found at the link Ministry of Immigration and Asylum.

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