Ukraine is preparing to introduce a state of emergency throughout the country

People’s Deputy Oleksiy Goncharenko published a draft Presidential Decree on the introduction of a state of emergency in Ukraine.

According to decreeIn the event of a state of emergency, the following measures will apply:

Special regime of entry and exit, restriction of freedom of movement. Restriction of movement and inspection of vehicles. Strengthening the protection of public order and facilities that ensure the vital activity of the population. Prohibition of meetings, rallies, demonstrations, sports and other public events. Introduction of a curfew. Checking documents of citizens, in necessary cases – personal search, inspection of things, cars, luggage and cargo, office premises and housing. Restrictions on the sale of weapons, liquor. Seizure of registered firearms and cold steel and ammunition from citizens; enterprises – training military equipment, explosives, radioactive substances. Regulation of civilian television and radio programs.

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On February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed decrees on recognition of the DNR and LNRwhich led to a sharp escalation of the situation in the Donbass.

The signing of the decree was the result of an ultimatum put forward by Russia regarding the approach of NATO to the borders of the Russian Federation, as well as the escalation on the line of demarcation between the people’s militia of the LDNR and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

A day earlier, Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed a decree on calling up reservists during a special period. We are talking about the operational reserve – that is, citizens who have entered into relevant contracts, as well as military personnel who have retired from military service.

It is known that for the reservists called up during the special period, the same labor, social, legal and educational guarantees apply that are provided for the mobilized persons. Within six months after the end of such service, the state will assist young people in finding employment.

Recall also that in Ukraine they introduced criminal liability for draft evasion during a special period, as well as from military registration or training (special) fees. The corresponding law was signed by Zelensky in April last year.

“We must increase the readiness of the Ukrainian troops for all possible changes in the operational situation… Today there is no need for general mobilization. We need to quickly complete the Ukrainian army and other military formations,” the president said. He also announced the holding of training camps for reservists of the territorial defense system – such a decision was made by the commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

“While our soldiers protect us, we must work, invest in the economy of Ukraine, earn money to finance the army,” Zelensky added and announced the launch of an economic patriotism program. The program provides targeted support for individual industries, reducing the tax burden on businesses and limiting inspections.

“A patriot is someone who fights the enemy for their land. And someone who invests money in it and creates jobs on it,” Zelensky said. He called the new program an additional incentive for the localization of production. According to the head of state, the program will also include a reduction in VAT on gasoline and diesel, which will reduce prices at gas stations.

“Today all politicians are blue and yellow,” Zelensky said and announced that he would meet with 150 Ukrainian businessmen tomorrow.

Rinat Akhmetov has already decided to pay UAH 1 billion in advance to the state budget. The oligarch said that at a time like now, business should help the state. And sadly looked back at Metinvest.

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