“There will be no winners in the conflict in Ukraine,” Greek Foreign Minister Dendias told his Russian counterpart Lavrov

“There will be no winner in the conflict in Ukraine. We will all lose,” Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias told his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov during a meeting in Moscow on Friday.

The Russian Foreign Minister accused NATO of the recent events in Ukraine, citing violations of the OSCE agreements. “We considered a number of regional issues. We stressed that there are no alternatives for Ukraine, except for the Minsk agreements,” Lavrov said.

Dendias stressed the need for an immediate de-escalation of tensions in Ukraine, adding that “Greece is listening carefully to Russia’s concerns.”

The Greek Foreign Minister also raised the issue of Turkey’s aggression, including its threat of war (casus belli) against Greece if the country continues to exercise its legitimate right to expand its territorial waters. “Greece stands for constructive dialogue [с Турцией]however, it is ready to defend its national sovereignty against any threat,” he said.

He added that “Greece stands for the maintenance of peace, stability and security, as well as a constructive dialogue, always based on international law, on the law of the sea and on the basis of the fundamental principles of the UN Charter.”

Lavrov said Russia was ready to help the two Aegean neighbors resolve their differences. The Russian Foreign Minister said that Moscow attaches “special importance to our dialogue on regional and international affairs”, listing such topical issues as the Russian Security Assistance Initiative, Ukraine and the East, the Mediterranean, the Balkans, the Transcaucasus, the Middle East and North Africa.

He noted that “our Greek friends have their own position in all these areas. We are interested in taking into account your interests. We are happy and ready to discuss any question that interests you.”

Lavrov called Friday’s meeting “a good opportunity to see how what was agreed upon at the level of our leaders is being implemented,” referring to the development of “trade and economic relations, investment, energy, transport and communications, and, of course, tourism,” and ensuring epidemiological security of the citizens.”

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