Mother of businessman abducted 50 days ago calls for ‘humanity’

The mother of a businessman who was abducted 50 days ago made a public appeal to the kidnappers, as she had not been in contact with them for many days.

A 40-year-old man was abducted outside his home in Drafi, in eastern Attica, on the night of December 28, 2021. Speaking to the state news agency ΑΜΝΑ, the mother appeals to the “humanity” of her son’s kidnappers, imploring them to contact her and the man’s family.

“Our Georgios has not yet returned to us. I am a mother. I beg you, those who are holding my child, contact us. Tell us that Georgios is fine. I am begging you. We do our best to find a solution quickly and I think you will agree. I appeal to your humanity,” Olga Kiparissi said in her address.

A few hours after abductions the victim’s brother was contacted and demanded a ransom of more than 1,000,000 euros. Details were not leaked to the press due to the sensitivity of the case.

Concerning the appeal of the mother today, Thursday, February 17, media It is reported that the kidnappers have not had contact with the family for more than a month. It is recalled that George Cyparisis kidnapped on the night of December 29, not far from his house, and a little later, the kidnappers contacted his brother and demanded a ransom of one million euros for his release. However, there was no other communication for more than a month.

The place where the burnt cars of the abductors were found

How it happened

The attackers kidnapped the 40-year-old businessman, who is the co-owner of a well-known auto parts company in western Attica, on Tuesday night (12/28/2021) as he was returning from a tavern to his home in Drafi.

At the moment when he was kidnapped, the businessman was talking on the phone with a woman. The call, which lasted 22 minutes, ended at 00.02, and in the last seconds the voices of the abductors were heard. The man was reportedly calm and relaxed, with his behavior suggesting that he was trying to buy time, possibly to inform the police when he was attacked. The businessman’s relatives told law enforcement that he “disappeared” and expressed fear that he had been kidnapped.

Some time later, a police operation was launched. Two burnt cars were found in the area of ​​Spata, also in the eastern part of Attica. The next evening, Alpha TV reported that the kidnappers had already contacted the victim’s brother, the second co-owner of the company. For the release of the father of two children require “one million euros.” The kidnappers advised the brother not to contact the police as it was “dangerous”.

They contacted the family via SMS messages from disposable card phones. Local Media and news sites reported that the abductors also sent a photograph of the victim.

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