Healthy Foods for Arthritis

The immune-boosting properties of garlic and onions are undeniable, therefore, among the products useful for arthritis and its prevention, they occupy a leading position.

Some types of onions contain diallyl disulfide, an anti-inflammatory compound that limits the effects of cytokines. The latter are responsible for directing the body’s immune response, however, their increased amount often provokes an overly active reaction and causes a violation of a number of body functions, which leads to injury to the joints and cartilage in arthritis.

Garlic in the fight against arthritis is even more effective. Korean scientists, whose research results are published in BMC Geriatrics, argue that thiacremonone (sulfur compounds) isolated from it has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect, so garlic can be quite successful in the treatment of arthritis and inflammatory diseases.

Thinking through your diet, arthritis patients should pay attention to other foods that are useful for this disease – turmeric, broccoli, spinach, oily fish, cherry juice, olive oil.

But of course, inflammatory manifestations, painful sensations in arthritis do not allow you to rely only on a well-thought-out diet – you cannot cope with arthritis without the help of an experienced doctor.

Conventional medicine is a holistic treatment of arthritis, using anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, and hormones. Remedial gymnastics and physiotherapy are also recommended. However, most doctors themselves do not believe in a cure, seeking only remission and alleviation of the condition of the patient with arthritis.

The osteopath works a little differently. It helps the body tune in to health and find its own path to self-healing. The first result of treatment is the disappearance of pain and the absence of edema. Already several sessions in the vast majority of patients (95%) lead to a significant improvement in the condition. In this case, osteopathy is used as a profiling or additional type of treatment.

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