The approach of a stroke can be determined by the fingers

If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should pay more attention to your fingers: three signs that increase the likelihood of a stroke.

High blood pressure is dangerous and ignoring it can lead to diseases like stroke. inosmi.ruquoting WeChat, which invites readers to pay attention to the condition of the fingers, which, according to him, can signal the threat of a stroke.

According to China’s cardiovascular disease report, the number of patients suffering from hypertension reaches 270 million. In addition, about 16 million people die from cardiovascular diseases every year. Thus, vascular health and blood pressure control become a top priority.

An increase in the standard of living contributes to the development of chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia. If they are not treated in time, atherosclerosis, thrombosis and acute ischemic stroke may occur.

Hypertension is a serious disease that threatens the life of middle-aged and elderly people. Every year, because of it, 750 thousand people have a stroke of the brain. The disease is also one of the main causes of increased mortality among middle-aged and elderly people.

Three Abnormal Finger Conditions That May Be Signs of a Stroke

According to medical research, an excess of trans fatty acids (trans isomers of fatty acids) in the human body is one of the main causes of stroke. People with hypertension are advised to exclude all fried foods from their daily diet. In addition, it is necessary to regularly monitor blood pressure and monitor changes in the condition of the fingers.

1. Decreased mobility in the fingers

In medicine, the condition of the fingers is considered an important indicator of health. Normally, the fingers should be pinkish in color and have good mobility. Alertness should be exercised if the fingers become pale and their mobility has decreased, except in cases where these conditions are rather short-lived and caused by changes in the environment.
One of the signs of an imminent stroke attack is the stiffness of the fingers, as well as the obvious whitening of their pads. This indicates a violation of the blood supply in the body – the fingers do not receive sufficient blood flow, which leads to a change in color and stiffness in movements.

2. Swollen blood vessels on the fingers

Blood vessels are hidden under the surface of the skin. Some men often experience bloating, which may be due to mental arousal under the influence of external factors. For people suffering from hypertension, a short-term swelling of the blood vessels is characteristic. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the level of blood pressure and undergo an examination on the recommendation of a doctor in order to detect blockage of blood vessels in time.

3. Numbness of the fingers Temporary numbness of the fingers under the influence of environmental factors is a normal physiological phenomenon. This is due to a short-term difficulty in blood circulation in the body. However, if finger numbness occurs frequently and does not go away for a long time, then this may be a reaction to brain signals that report the development of a stroke. It is necessary to consult a doctor and undergo a comprehensive examination, including computed tomography of the brain. This will reveal whether plaques have formed in the vessels of the brain, which can subsequently lead to a stroke. Good Habits for Healthy Blood Vessels Drinking enough fluids. Diet control. Emotional state control.

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