AstraZeneca Developer: Scientists and Politicians "killed hundreds of thousands of people"

Scientists and politicians have “killed hundreds of thousands of people” by tarnishing the reputation of AstraZeneca’s vaccine, an Oxford University scientist who helped develop the drug told the BBC on Monday.

“They tarnished the reputation of the vaccine in a way that resonated around the world,” Professor John Bell said, adding: “I think the misconduct of scientists and politicians has probably caused hundreds of thousands of deaths and they shouldn’t be proud,” Bell was quoted as saying by the British edition BBC.

In the United Kingdom, where a British-Swedish pharmaceutical company had a large-scale vaccination in the first half of 2021, government advisers have suggested that other vaccines be used in people under 40 due to AstraZeneca’s specificity in causing blood clotting and blood clots.

Several of our readers from Greece who received this vaccine in the spring of 2021 had serious side effects associated with blood clots, and according to local media, from side effects associated with this drug, only in Greece at least 3 people died. (Editor’s note)

Concerns have led many countries, including Greece, to limit the use of the vaccine, but in the European Union, the company’s disagreement with the European Commission over the timing of delivery of doses, regardless of any side effects of the vaccine, has played a huge role.

After all, AstraZeneca’s vaccine, which, unlike the Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, does not use groundbreaking mRNA technology but rather traditional coronavirus-inactivated vaccine technology, was practically excluded from the process of use for the population.

Even in Britain, where the majority of the population has received two doses of AstraZeneca, only 48,000 of the 37 million booster doses administered are from the vaccine developed for AstraZeneca by Oxford University, according to the BBC.

PS It is worth noting that the British government has placed a secrecy stamp on the publication of information about the side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine, arguing that this may cause the population to be unwilling to vaccinate. However, this scandal may be the trigger that will lead to the disclosure of full information about this vaccine. (Or maybe not. The concept of “free speech” in Britain is very peculiar).

PPS An important point, which is also hidden from the public, is that generics, that is, licensed drugs produced on the basis of the AstraZeneca patent mainly in India, have been used on hundreds of millions of people in third and fourth world countries (CoviShield) and we most likely we will never know about the real consequences of this vaccine.

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