Wi-Fi on Aegean flights

Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) has been available to Aegean passengers traveling on one of the well-equipped new Airbus neo aircraft since yesterday.

Passengers have at their disposal a free network “Free 10” for a ten-minute trial of the service and the program “Text and View”, as well as “Stream”, costing 4 and 9 euros respectively.

Aegean’s in-flight Wi-Fi service for surfing the web and accessing in-flight entertainment content through the new Aegean platform is now a reality, thanks to the technological capabilities offered by the new fleet of 46 Airbus 320 and 321neo aircraft. Airline passengers have three options at their disposal: “Free 10” to try the service for ten minutes, “Text and View” and “Stream”.

The €4 Text & Surf package is free for Miles + Bonus Gold members with speeds up to 1.5 Mbps, allowing you to surf the web, social media and check email throughout the flight. Stream, which costs €9 and is free for business class passengers, is suitable for streaming music or video at speeds up to 15 Mbps.

According to market players, Aegean’s internet charges are competitive with other airlines. It is indicative that the Emirates air carrier, depending on the flight distance, has a package from 3 to 6 dollars for using only messaging applications, while the cost of Wi-Fi throughout the flight ranges from 10 to 20 dollars. At Air France, the messaging apps are free to use, with the French carrier charging in stages depending on the distance of the route – 3, 5 and 8 euros, and streaming will cost the user 30 euros.

Aegean has reportedly updated its content platform to include richer audiovisual content (series, children’s programs, etc.). The development of the onboard Wi-Fi service was based on the technology platform of the European Air Network (EAN). According to Aegean, it is the leading in-flight broadband Internet application in Europe. The Greek airline partnered with satellite communications company Inmarsat, German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom and French technology company Display Interactive.

“Our investment in state-of-the-art technology infrastructure and Aegean’s technological transformation has continued to materialize even during the pandemic crisis that has hit the industry so hard. The provision of Internet on flights is another milestone for us and our commitment to providing our passengers with quality and constantly updated services while traveling,” said Aegean CEO Dimitris Geroyannis.

“Our proposed technology solution has significant industry adoption and is already in demand in Europe’s leading aviation market,” said Philippe Carette, president of Inmarsat Aviation.

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