Tsitsipas lost to Medvedev in the semi-finals of the Australian Open

Daniil Medvedev beat Stefanos Tsitsipas 3-1 in the semi-finals of the Australian Open. And could become a thunderstorm of legends if on Sunday he does not allow Rafael Nadal to set an all-time record.

At the moment, Daniil Medvedev and Stefanos Tsitsipas have played eight matches against each other. The Russian won six victories, the Greek won two more. However, the relationship between both tennis players was not easy.

During the first round of the 2018 American Masters in the third set, a verbal conflict arose between the players, and Tsitsipas went on a toilet break, calling Medvedev a “fucking Russian.” Daniel did not go back on his word and continued to speak a long accusatory speech, referring to the bailiff on the tower. In the next meeting, the Russian said that the Greek had blocked his Instagram account.

Then there were a few more games, and one of them was won by Stefanos. Then he admitted that Daniil is his favorite Russian tennis player, and that he can become the best. After the semi-final meeting at the Australian Open-2022, Tsitsipas said that he and Medvedev have a good relationship, although they do not communicate.

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“It’s definitely funny (laughs). I try not to pay attention. I know that players do things like that to bring you down psychologically. It might be a tactic. But it’s okay. He is not the most mature person in the world,” Tsitsipas said.

The first game of the match was held in a warm-up format – Medvedev and Tsitsipas exchanged innings taken to zero, after which Daniil received the first point at the reception using the net. The next “not his” point was won by the Russian – the net helped again, but Stefanos failed to develop success.

The situation for Tsitsipas was dangerous, with the score 4:4 the Greek was forced to serve sharply, but the ball slipped out of his hands every time. After Medvedev gave him under his left hand, he remembered that Stefanos had an injury to the elbow joint and began to give him under his right hand. Daniil was in four break points, but could not convert a single one. Luck was on the side of the first, Tsitsipas played confidently in all the rest. Then the Greek still took a point on Medvedev’s serve, and the game turned into a decisive stage, very logical for such a game – a tie-break.

At first, Stefanos came forward, who managed to make one mini-break. The Russian did not lose his head and quickly did the opposite, performing several incredible blows. And the final touch was Tsitsipas getting out on the set ball – Daniil took the lead in sets, winning in a tie-break.

The second set started badly for Medvedev from the start. Before that, the Russian and the Greek went smoothly, without any problems on their serves (except for the game where Daniil had three break points, but he did not convert them). And then the second racket of the world immediately lost his pitch, making a number of mistakes uncharacteristic for the match. Here the test has already begun for both: will Medvedev be able to catch up with Stefanos, and he will be able to keep his serves. At first, the Greek seemed to succeed, but in the sixth game he missed the moment again and gave Dana the opportunity to earn two break points. And again, the Russian did not go well – Tsitsipas won back everything, but from the eighth attempt to implement, Medvedev managed to take the pitch.

And only after both tennis players showed their best skills, the commentators began to praise their serve. However, in the second set it was no longer possible, since Daniil made two unforgivable mistakes at once in one game. This time, the Russian gave Stefanos another break, and he equalized the score with the game.

In this set, the judge on the tower issued two warnings at once. First of all, this applies to Medvedev, who was very unhappy with the coaching from his father Stefanos. At first, Tsitsipas was scolded by everyone for his lateness, and now many tennis players are unhappy with his communication with coaches. Daniel was so angry that he yelled at the judge, using several strong abusive words. Tsitsipas himself received a warning, but not because of his conversations with his father or the delay in serving, but because of the delay in the game when serving.

Tsitsipas’ fatigue and Medvedev’s charge

After the break, Medvedev could not quickly recover from those emotions and seemed to be on the verge of returning the game in his serve to Stefanos. But being on the verge of losing, the Russian took a chance and won all the important draws. With a score of 5:4 in the third set, Daniil began to play powerfully, adapting to the serves of Tsitsipas, and Stefanos, on the contrary, could no longer maintain the same pace.

In the fourth installment, Medvedev allowed Stefanos to take only one of his pitches – he won all the other games, without even particularly straining. Describing his state after he visited Moscow, the Russian said he felt fresh and playful. It doesn’t even matter how Daniil reacted to this match (he shouted “Beat!”), It is a consequence of the fact that the stands were too noisy and interfered with the players.

– To be honest, I don’t think that bad emotions help me. I often lost matches due to loss of focus and strength. But as soon as I did that, I thought, “Oh, big mistake.”

Medvedev won with a score of 7:6, 4:6, 6:4, 6:1.


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