René Robert, world famous photographer, froze to death in the center of the French capital

A well-known photographer died on a busy street in Paris after lying in the cold for six (!) hours.

An elderly man left the house at 21:30 and suddenly felt unwell. After falling on the pavement and hitting his head, 84-year-old René Robert lay without help for more than 5 hours, his close friend, musician and journalist Michel Momponte, bitterly says:

“He remained alone, on the ground, for at least the first five or six hours in one of the busiest districts of Paris, and no one saw fit to approach.”

It was not until about 5:30 am the next morning that the police received a call from a homeless man who reported the tragedy. However, it was already too late.

Michel Momponte sincerely hopes that the death of his world famous friend will be able to awaken in the souls of people the lost compassion and willingness to help. In the meantime, he is looking for a homeless man who called law enforcement to thank him. On his Twitter, he wrote:

“If this painful death can serve anything, it is what it is. When a person is lying on the pavement, no matter how we hurry, let’s stop and ask about his condition. Let’s stop for a minute.”

Tragically deceased Rene Robert was born in 1936 in Switzerland. From the age of 12, he became interested in photography and devoted his whole life to his beloved work. He studied in Lausanne and moved to Paris in the 1960s. Widespread fame brought him photographs of flamenco dancers.


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