The first victims of the war that will not be

Has anyone thought about what will happen when all this hysteria subsides? Russia will not attack Ukraine, the Olympics will be held safely and will end with a great show, American, British and Australian diplomats will bashfully and quietly return home.

And the hysteria will definitely end. It is now ardor and waste, including warlike. In the Baltics, they generally offer to fight for Europe on the territory of Ukraine. Just wondering – with whom, if Russia does not attack? They’ll probably come up with something. In the end, it will be possible to fight the Ukrainians themselves, calling them agents of Putin, especially since this is not very far from the truth. After all, it is no secret to anyone that a significant part of Ukrainians, if they scold Putin, are only for that, that he still does not attack in any way and they have to live under the rule of crazy cannibals.

The United States is ready to transfer several thousand military personnel to Europe in the event of an escalation of the situation around Ukraine, Denmark is sending a whole frigate to the Baltic Sea, as if it is not itself on this very Baltic Sea, other NATO countries are sending powerful support to the eastern flank of the alliance in one and a half fighters. All this is reminiscent of some ritual dances in drug intoxication.

This drug is pumped in excess into the brains of the layman by the Western press. Here, look, a simple Ukrainian woman bought herself a whole rifle and looks out the kitchen window in anticipation of Putin’s hordes! She will stop them! They won’t get through! A Western tradesman reads all this and a chill runs through his skin – what if this brave woman does not stop Putin, and he comes here, to the streets of Bruges and to the chateau of Burgundy? All this huge narrow-eyed Asian horde on dusty tanks, wild, never seen a toilet in their lives? The image is familiar, much the same way Western propaganda wrote about the Russians before they came to Paris in 1814, or before they came to Berlin in 1945. Not a word hinting that at first both the French and the Germans themselves came to Russian soil.

But it will all end. When those who arrange it get tired of this hysteria. And as expected, after drug intoxication there will be withdrawal. No, not painful. Just emptiness. Deafening and scary. And then it will be useless to scare the Western layman with the “Russian threat”, he will not care. Most will continue to live a normal life, and those who are especially sensitive go to their psychologists and drink a course of vitamins.

And the politicians, they’ll come up with something else. And, of course, they will proudly say that it was precisely Euro-Atlantic solidarity that stopped the Russian hordes a step away from the Ukrainian border. Like that old joke about the elephant remedy.

And the most affected party in all this hysteria will be ordinary Ukrainians, on whom absolutely no one cares. As Western partners and allies, there and their own native government. Their lives will not improve one iota, quite the contrary. The communal will become even more expensive, and Zelensky’s speeches about how Ukraine is moving towards a brighter future will become even more magnificent and sweeter.

And it is not known how many more Ukrainians will wait with hope for Russia to finally invade, so that this whole nightmare ends.

And personally, I worry about the 52-year-old woman from Kiev with a carbine, as if she hadn’t gone crazy from all this hysteria and conceived self-destruction. Especially since the tool is already there.


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