June 25, 2024

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Weather: Cold snap, mud rain and hail

According to the forecast of the meteorologists of the National Observatory of Athens, from Saturday in most of Greece, including Attica, the weather will change dramatically.

In particular, on 01/08/2022 the weather will deteriorate sharply, rain, thunderstorms and a cold snap are expected. In the mountainous regions of northern Greece – snowfalls.

There is a concentration of dust in the atmosphere of the central and southern continental part of the country, as well as in the island regions, in some places – mud rains.

Weather forecast for Attica

Rains and thunderstorms in places are expected. East wind, up to 3 points on the Beaufort scale. The concentration of dust in the atmosphere will be relatively high, with occasional mud rains. The air temperature in the center of Athens will be from + 12 ° С to + 15 ° С.


Rains are expected until noon on January 8th. East wind with a force of up to 2 on the Beaufort scale. The temperature in the city center will range from + 8 ° С to + 10 ° С.

The bad weather will last until Wednesday, January 12th.

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