Nine tornadoes were recorded in Greece in 2021

In Greece in 2021, 97 waterspouts and nine land tornadoes were recorded causing property damage.

Most of the siphons appeared in October (24) and January (23), but the most catastrophic ones were recorded in November and December last year. Most of the sea tornadoes were observed near the Dodecanese Islands (21), in the western region of the Aegean Sea (15), in the northern region of the Ionian Sea (13), on Crete (12), in the central Ionian region (8) and the sea region of Thrace (4).

The total number of sea and land tornadoes in the past year is close to the average for the decade 2010-2019, according to a corresponding analysis by the Athens National Observatory researchers. In 2020, 89 waterspouts and seven tornadoes were recorded, in 2019 – 92 and 17, respectively, in 2018 – 96 and 9, and in 2017 – 132 and 14.

As noted, the small size and duration of tornadoes in Greece makes it difficult to observe and register them, so their records theoretically represent only a fraction of the actual total.

User activity on social networks and the use of smart mobile phones have significantly helped to record additional related weather events.

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