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Amazing animal: albino kangaroo on a farm in Attica

A rare albino kangaroo born on a farm in Afidnes, Attica, survived a summer fire and continues to attract the attention of animal lovers.

At Laccagini Farm in Kiurka, just off the highway, a completely white marsupial stands out among the brown kangaroos. It is a rare albino kangaroo that survived the August fires. The livestock farm was saved thanks to superhuman efforts made by owner Yannis Pantos and the workers as the flames engulfed Afidnes and Ippokratio Politia, and the fire brigade fought to keep the fire from spreading over the Ethniki Odos.

“When the fire happened, the baby kangaroo had just been born, and we managed to save him, like all the other animals on the farm. When people see it, they are surprised, although many visitors do not understand what the ‘beast’ is, ”says Mr. Pantos.

White kangaroos are rare even in Australia
In 2021, two more white kangaroos were born in the United States and Russia, and the news spread around the world through international networks. And also in the “homeland” of kangaroos, in Australia, very few albinos are born.

At Animal Adventure Park in New York in January 2021, workers first encountered a natural phenomenon – the birth of a completely white kangaroo.

The parents of the baby are dark in color and therefore the appearance of an albino is a very rare occurrence, especially in the wild. The chance of his birth is only one in 50-100 thousand. A similar impression was made by a white kangaroo born in March 2021 at the Regina zoo in the Russian city of Kazan, touching employees and visitors.

The “Greek” white kangaroo turned out to be very playful, and imitating small children approaching the fence, he danced. Laccagini Farm is also home to deer, llamas and other animal species, but the albino kangaroo is truly the # 1 person.

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