The shepherd’s assistant received as a gift for Christmas … 50,000 euros

The bottle, filled with banknotes, was received from the shepherd owner by his worker in the village of Karaiskakis (Etoloakarnania). It was purchased from a local convenience store.

An incredible incident happened on the eve of Christmas, December 24, when a shepherd was shopping in a village shop for the holiday. Among them was a bottle, which he gave to his worker with instructions to take to the sheepfold. There the man discovered that the bottle was chock full of money, it turned out to be 50,000 euros. Thanking fate, he began to spend it, and by January 4, the amount had decreased by 14,000 euros.

As it turned out, the owners of the rural store were two brothers, one of whom kept his savings in a bottle, considering this method to be the most reliable. The second, not knowing about it, sold the container filled with money to the shepherd, who gave it to his assistant. Having discovered the loss, the man, who had chosen an unsuccessful storage location for his savings, called the police. By examining the security cameras, the law enforcement officers managed to identify the buyer of the valuable bottle.

Fortunately or unfortunately, for someone like, but in the bottle found by the police, only 36,000 remained, which were returned to the rightful owner. Whether the 14 thousand spent by the employee will be returned and how is still a mystery. But the past Christmas will surely remain in his memory for the rest of his life.

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