A mistake in using an antique mask can render it useless.

Entered into force new measuresdeclared by the Greek government for the non-proliferation of the omicron-strain of coronavirus. Their list includes the mandatory use of a high-security mask or, alternatively, a double accessory.

This requirement must be met when visiting supermarkets and on public transport, as well as at the workplace by catering staff. If using a mask high respiratory protection (FFP2 or N95) is not so difficult to understand, then with double masksBy a combination of tissue and surgical, people often make mistakes.

In accordance with the instructions for use, which are specified in the circular from the Ministry of Health, the use of two surgical masks is not allowed. One surgical mask and one tissue mask should be used as a double mask.

Cloth masks made from synthetic or natural fabrics. Do not use those that make breathing difficult, such as vinyl. The mask should consist of 2-3 layers and cannot have an exhalation valve – in this case, contaminated particles go into the environment, and people nearby are unprotected.

Disposable surgical masks consist, as indicated on the package, of three layers of non-woven material – 3ply. They are worn under cloth and should fit snugly against the face, completely covering the mouth and nose. The outer, cloth mask should extend beyond the inner boundaries of the face, but allow normal breathing. When putting on and taking off both masks, you should hold them by the laces, and not by the surface.

Masks with increased respiratory protection are multi-layered and are excellent for medical personnel and people from groups at high risk of infection, for protection in crowded places – in transport and in shops. Their marking indicates the standard, depending on the country of origin – FFP2, N95, KN95.

To avoid the release of contaminated particles into the environment, it is not recommended to use masks with exhalation valves. When choosing a mask, you should pay attention to the presence of a metal plate for better fixation on the nose. To make the mask fit snugly, you need to adjust the length of the fasteners. You can check if the mask is properly worn with a simple test – inhale and exhale, checking for air leaks.

You cannot combine two surgical masks – they do not provide a snug fit. You also cannot use two masks, one of which is with a high degree of protection – only “alone” a highly protective mask fits well and demonstrates the most effective effect.

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