According to the Greek Deputy Minister, there is no need for PCR confirmation if the vaccinated person is infected

People who test positive for coronavirus after a rapid test are not required to undergo a molecular PCR test unless they are vaccinated and do not want a certificate stating that they have contracted the virus, Greek Deputy Health Minister Mina said Thursday. Eider.

“Since there are a lot of infected people now, and this puts a heavy burden on the diagnostic centers, it is best to stay at home after [положительного] rapid test, ”said Gaga during the weekly briefing, referring to the long queues for rapid tests.

The Deputy Minister of Health noted that the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron strain is spreading throughout Greece, and all control tests for the virus show that more than 60% of recent cases are of this variant. She reiterated that wearing masks will help contain it and also avoid people if there are any symptoms.

“Only those who are not vaccinated and have contracted the virus for the first time and want to get a certificate of the disease must confirm a positive rapid test result using PCR, which would be meaningless for fully vaccinated people,” said Wana, a member of the health committee, professor of childhood infectious diseases. Papa Evangel. She also said that anyone with clinical symptoms of a cold (!) Should stay at home.

She added that common symptoms of Omicron are runny nose, headache, fatigue, sneezing, sore throat and, less commonly, loss of smell and taste, coughing and high fever.

PCR tests only for infected, unvaccinated people have caused a negative reaction in the community, as they contradict recent government regulations requiring a PCR test only to confirm the disease and register with the health system. Confirmation of PCR could, for example, allow workers to stay at home and fully vaccinate those over 60 years of age to postpone a booster shot until they are considered “unvaccinated”.

It is unclear whether the government will revise the rules before total chaos erupts.

PCR tests are free at public health facilities, but the waiting list for this test is several days. The cost of PCR in private institutions is from 30 to 60 euros.

Meanwhile, how reportedGreek opposition parties are set to launch initiatives to free PCR testing for everyone and chide the government for not doing so in the second year of the pandemic, while daily infections beat one record after another

PS According to Mina Gaga, it turns out that vaccinated infected people do not need to confirm that they are sick. And this may mean the following:

The authorities do not even discredit the vaccination, although it is already clear that standard vaccines are not very effective against the Omicron strain. The Omicron strain is not dangerous and rarely leads to a severe form of the disease, unlike the first versions of SARS-CoV-2 up to and including Delta.

PPS My daughter, having learned that she was driving in a car with a person who tested positive for a PCR test, did a rapid test. Just in case. The first test came back negative. She did it again, just in case, and it was already positive. In a disoriented state, she did 2 more tests, which also showed different results.
I had to do a PCR test, which showed a positive result. It was already a pity for the second test, and symptoms colds were already there.

The fact that the Omicron strain poorly tested rapid tests, we wrote the other day. And what, one wonders, is Mrs. Gaga calling for? You will somehow decide there …

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