Public transport will stop working on New Years Eve earlier

Operators said Thursday that public transport in Athens will stop operating earlier than usual on New Year’s Eve.

Trolleybuses and regular buses will start returning to their depots after 22:00, that is, there will be no flights after 23:00.

Trains on metro line 1 will depart for the last time from Piraeus to Kifissia at 22:20, from Omonia to Kifissia at 22:39, from Kifissia to Piraeus at 22.20 and from Omonia to Piraeus at 22:52.

On metro lines 2 and 3, the last trains will depart at the following times: from Antupoli to Elliniko at 22:44, from Elliniko to Antupoli at 22:42, from Nikaya to Athens international airport at 21:31, from Nikaya. to Dukissis Plakentias at 22:41, from Athens International Airport to Nikaya at 22:02, to Dukissis Plakentias to Nikaya at 22:39 and from Syntagma in all directions at 23 hours

Tram service will also be limited, with the last T7 flights departing from Asklipeio Voulas to Agia Triada at 21:51 and from Agia Triada to Asklipeio Voulas at 22:07.

The last T6 flight departs Syntagma to Pikrodafni at 10:39 pm and from Pikrodafni to Syntagma at 9:50 pm.

For passengers traveling on the T6 and T7 lines, the last tram from Syntagma to Axlepio Voul departs at 21:54 and to Agia Triada at 21:30.

In the opposite direction, the last tram from Axlepio Voula to Syntagma departs at 21:22, and from Agia Triada to Syntagma at 21:19.

More information can be obtained on the hotline 11185 or on the website… …

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