Meet the blue water tiger

What will the coming year be like and how should we meet it? All about the symbol of 2022 – the blue water tiger.

The tiger is an obstinate, proud and wayward animal. You should keep your ears open with him. However, he is extremely curious, interested in new products and fearlessly takes risks. True, the water element slightly softens all of its characteristics, pacifying and reducing aggression.

The coming year promises to be eventful, prone to change and inconstancy. In 2022, you can finally fulfill your old dreams by deciding on changes – successfully changing not only your place of work, but also your profession, field of activity. And radically! Luck will help those who master new specialties and move forward. Changes will be successful in changing the place of residence, and even in moving to another region.

The talisman promising good luck, of course, will be a tiger figurine. But, given that it is “watery”, the most effective will be talismans made of crystal or glass – materials that resemble water in their transparency. Interior items in the form of a talisman in the image of the owner of the year – for example, a clock, will also bring good luck to the house. And don’t forget to take last year’s talismans out of sight – tigers don’t like rivals.

A wayward animal by nature, a loner, so it is better to celebrate the New Year in a small company of close friends and relatives. Which, by the way, is recommended by experts, albeit for a different reason – for the non-proliferation of coronavirus.

When choosing an outfit for the New Year, avoid cat prints – the tiger may mistake you for a “competitor” and deprive him of his affection out of jealousy. For a New Year’s outfit, neutral colors are suitable – beige, sand, golden – and all shades of green that are coming into fashion: from olive to juicy herbal. But it is better to choose accessories to match the water element. And remember – those who hit the tiger on New Year’s Eve will be accompanied by financial luck all year long!

You have probably already decorated the house for the upcoming holiday, made it warm and comfortable. Decorative pillows and soft blankets will add coziness and will definitely please the tiger who loves to bask on the grass.

Fruits must be present on the festive table – oranges, persimmons, tangerines. And this is also that rare case when meat on the table is welcomed in any form – after all, the tiger is a predator. It doesn’t matter what you choose – pork, rabbit, beef or poultry. Just do not forget about greens (the tiger loves her very much) – decorate ready-made dishes with spicy leaves and twigs.

What to give to loved ones? Only not practical and necessary things in the household! Stay lightheaded and choose a gift for your soul – a picture or a book, pretty lingerie, fine perfumery, something for your hobby. Hunters and fishermen, for example, will be delighted to receive binoculars, spinning rods, a handy bag and other essential accessories for them.

What awaits us in the new year? In addition to a breakthrough in a career and a move, as mentioned above, passionate romances and affectionate relationships await many, because the tiger is famous for being loving. The work will be lucky for those whose activities are related to politics, public speaking, creativity. But only those who strive forward, do not stop there, learn new skills. With health in general, no problems are foreseen. The main condition is activity, regimen and a healthy lifestyle, the absence of unnecessary risk. And in the year of the Tiger, it is a good omen to have a baby.

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