India: 19-year-old Siamese twins get a job (video)

Siamese twins, not separated after birth, who were abandoned by their parents, have safely reached the age of 19 and even found a job.

The doctor who has been monitoring their condition all these years says:

“They inspire everyone in the institution where they grew up.”

After the birth of Sona and Mona, the doctors did not dare to undergo a complex operation – one of the twins would have died. But even without intervention, doctors doubted whether the children would be able to live long enough. They were born on June 14, 2003, at the Socheta Kriplani clinic in New Delhi. Their parents left them in the hospital. Later, the brothers were transferred to AIIMS, where the specialists decided not to separate the boys – this could lead to their death, as well as to vascular problems in the lower extremities of the survivor.

As indianexpress reports, each has a heart, arms, kidneys, and spinal cord. But for two they have only one liver, one gallbladder, one spleen and only a pair of legs. But then there are two brains in one body.

From a young age, the twins demonstrated a talent for electrical engineering. They could fix everything from power outlets to telephones and televisions. These abilities opened the way to their first job. Punjab State Power Corporation Limited (PSPCL) has a permanent contract with them, the twins have an ITI patent. Registered for work on December 20, the brothers say:

“We thank the Punjab government. We thank the Pingalvar Foundation for bringing us up. They educated us (in the institution) and helped us become independent. We are delighted to have our first job and we promise to work hard with absolute honesty and dedication. “

Technically, only Sona can receive a salary from the PSPCL, but in practice, both will be paid. They will have two votes in the next election. Earlier this year, when they turned 19, they were registered with the electoral commission and will be able to vote in the upcoming Assembly elections in Punjab.

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