Volos: two out of three anti-Axis doctors have died

Two out of three doctors closely followed by the Magnesian Medical Association for their anti-scientific views and belief in the coronavirus “conspiracy” theory are dead in recent months.

In particular, doctors were handled by the disciplinary corps of the Medical Association of Magnesia, and on July 3, according to thenewspaper.gr, a check was carried out by the competent authorities for their actions and suitability for the post.

“We believe that, so to speak, our ‘colleagues’ do not offer quality medical services to citizens. The views they express are unscientific. We urge people not to listen to them. The fact is, the views they hold (against the vaccine) are irrational. And we strive to resolve this issue, ”said Eftimis Tsamis, President of the Medical Association of Magnesia.

As it became known later, two out of three doctors died. One crashed in a car accident in early December, and the second contracted coronavirus and ended up on a ventilator at Volos hospital.

The third, in contact with the media just a few days ago, was taken up by the authorities, because, as it became known, due to his unscientific actions, a woman died, and his other patients were threatened due to the prescriptions he gave them.

The prosecutor’s office continues its investigation in order, if necessary, to initiate a criminal case.

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