Omicron: quarantine reduced to five days

This decision was made after the update of the CDC guidelines, as well as after a sharp increase in the number of cases in Greece, especially among young people.

A meeting is underway at the Ministry of Health on the new directives of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to information from, competent Ministry of Health members and experts have agreed to reduce quarantine for those with the Omicron strain and who have had no or very mild symptoms for five days (up from the current ten days). This decision was made after updating the CDC instructions.

What the new CDC rules say
“The new strain is spreading rapidly and could affect all aspects of our society,” said Rochelle Walenski, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), explaining the organization’s decision to reduce quarantine for asymptomatic patients.

Instead of the 10 days of quarantine recommended for those who fall ill, the isolation period has been shortened to 5 days this Monday for those without symptoms or for those without fever and only mild symptoms.

What to do for asymptomatic patients after 5 days

Isolation guidelines are for infected unvaccinated, partially vaccinated, fully vaccinated, or boosted. The infected person should be isolated for five days instead of the previously recommended 10.

After five days, if the patient is asymptomatic, they can return to normal activities, but must wear the mask everywhere, even at home with others, for at least another five days.

If they still have symptoms after five days of isolation, the person should stay at home until they feel better and then wear a mask at all times.

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