Covid measures: 55,000 checks in one day, fines and arrests

The Greek police have again entered the “warpath” with masked offenders. In the second day since the new measures against Covid-19 came into force, on December 24, a total of 55,005 checks were carried out.

Patrols sent to all parts of Greece resulted in a good harvest – 6 people were arrested, 369 were fined for not wearing a mask and 4 establishments were suspended.

According to a press release from the Greek police, 18,118 checks were carried out at the Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport of Athens on Saturday 25 December. 422 violations of protection measures were confirmed. 365 fines of € 300 each and four € 150 fines were issued for the same reason.

Police revoked the licenses of two nightclubs in Attica because they were open on Christmas Day, despite having been closed earlier due to a breach. Fines were also imposed for violating the anti-smoking law !!!

The arrests of 6 business owners were due to the fact that they violated the relevant legislation on the use of masks by clients, or let in more visitors per square meter of the establishment than allowed by law, or allowed in clients without valid Covid certificates.

The minimum fine for businesses is 5,000 euros and a work stoppage of 15 days.

A day earlier, about 5,000 inspections were carried out

During Christmas Eve, the Greek police revealed 657 violations, 7 people were arrested, and 13 companies were suspended. Among them are 2 famous nightclubs in Gazi, on Iera Odos.

In the course of an audit carried out in nightclubs on Iera Odos, four arrests were made, high fines were imposed and the activity of an entertainment establishment was suspended for 15 days. It turned out that the QR codes of the visitors were not checked. In addition, many of the clients of the nightclub were found to have fake certificates of vaccination or previous illness.

PS Violation of the no smoking law? Currently? Jokes aside … It looks like the current government just decided to let the cops earn money for Christmas.

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